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Laminates (HPL) for furniture, cabinetry, countertop, and wall paneling design.

We supply a wide range of traditional laminate sheets for vertical surfaces. Most of our laminates are in stock and ready to be shipped within 24 hours. Most of laminates are 4 feet X 8 feet in size, but other sizes may be available. If you are not sure about the color please order a sample prior to ordering as we cannot guarantee that your monitor will 100% accurately represent true colors of laminate finishes. Many of our laminate finishes will match other famous brand laminates but will cost you 30%-50% less. Many laminates available in COUNTERTOP GRADE.

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Decorative European Laminates (HIPS) for furniture, cabinetry and wall paneling design.

These decorative laminate sheets are 102 inches (Long) X 39 inches (Wide) in size. All products are in stock in Europe but shipping time is 3-4 weeks, however we can expedite the shipment if you have an urgent need. Samples readily available upon request. Most of laminate sheets available with self adhesive or non-adhesive backing. Cutting can be performed with table saw or router as well as regular utility knife by scoring and snapping. These European Laminates are only designed for vertical surfaces. Please make sure to read technical documentation prior to ordering or installing any of our beautiful decorative surfaces.

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News and Videos

Take a look at what can be created with our High Impact Polystyrene, High Pressure Laminates, and Decorative European Laminates surfaces. This section contains interior design news, many examples, and instructions to inspire you and get your creative jucies flowing for design and decor, along with videos to show you how easy our products are to install. We're constantly updating this section to help you unsderstand what we sell, show off new prouct, and to help you make your project and installation as easy as possible.

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